Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blocking the Writer's Block

Just recently came out of a bought of major writer's's been happening a lot lately, probably because I've had issues with work and my romantic life. But I find that these discrepancies often give me inspiration or just the drive to write eventually.

So now I'm writing another short story about the vague battle between a superhero and a supervillain. It's dragging, I have a lot going on.

As well looking forward to getting started on the collaborative works of The Dark/The Dawn with my co-writer Jillian, but I'm holding off until she reaches Germania...she needs some special time with her guy.

Anyways I'm blabbering because its 12:30 and I've been up since 6:30 this I'm going to slowly ease out.....

Monday, February 2, 2009

'Divine' Inspiration

Today I hammered out my first ever christian piece. I suppose its all of the changes going on around me lately, but I just felt the need to express myself on my feelings about religion. They were all good, nothing tasteless or anything like that.

I just think that God should be viewed in more of a way then some man who sits on a cloud and throws lightning bolts at people who try to recreate the life and death of his only son on that was a mouthful. Seriously though, why is it we're forced to view God as some fearsome, loathing personality. Smiting this, that and the other.

I really hope my piece gives people a new view on how God may and does work.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Seeing Things causing me to see things

You ever get that feeling like you're being watched and right on the edge of your peripheral vision there's a splash of movement, a flutter?

Yeah I get that a lot, mostly when I'm tired. I had it bad a few nights ago, so I figured the only way to get through it was to write about it. Hence I started the short story 'Seeing Things', based on a guy who starts out just seeing those smudges, but they turn into something more frightening as time passes.

A lot of people question if these stories I write are real within the universe or if the character has some type of mental illness. The answer is that, it is what you want it to be really. I mean I write realistically, I write for realism, even when the things I write about may not be part of your everyday lifestyle. So whatever you envision this character to be or not be seeing or feeling is up to you.

I really can only write the story and that takes it 50% of the way, it's up to you to read it and perceive it the way you want to. Forced perceptions will never give you the same effect as your own drawn conclusions.

But just in case, if you start seeing things at night, turn a light on until they go away.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

An Introduction of Sorts...

I figured that since I've started getting some things published I should probably start blogging as a professional writer now. This is in no way a fan page, just a way for me to conduct myself and connect with anyone who reads my work.

I'll start with an introduction to myself, my name is James Patrick Bowler, and I have been writing since I was 12. My family could be considered to be on the creative side, my Mother a teacher in England before she immigrated to Canada after she and my Father got married. My sister is now a teacher as well, but she enjoyed many years of painting and crafting.

My Father is more of the stone that holds the family together; more down to earth, I wouldn't say that he has a vivid imagination, but then again he loves his photography. He's a Doctor of course, 35 years or more running now.

It has been an interesting weave of people that I believe led me to this true calling of mine. My Mother was always enforcing a strong hold on grammar and proper writing skills with me and my sister, ever since we were very little.

From age 3 I was reading with my parents, age 5 and onwards I was able to start reading on my own. At age 12 I picked up my first novel, Stephen King's 'Desperation'. Probably not the most conducive novel for a boy of 12 to be reading, but it lead me onwards to a world where anything could and did happen.

From there I led a life of dream-like status, always seeing the possibilities in everyday situations and chores that other people couldn't seem to see.

One thing that may have helped my imagination along was growing up with ADHD. It hindered me in school work and most other things, but it was also like an escape, to let my imagination soar free without anything to tie me down.

In school I imagined zombiefied teachers and students battling their way out of hell. In church I could see an epic battle between good and evil burst through one of the stain glass windows and into the crowd.

Every place I visited seemed a variable playground for my mind to create and enhance. This is probably why I managed to get into so much trouble and did so terrible on grades at school. I wasn't able to focus or push myself to do well, all I wanted to do was dream about things that could be, and write about them.

By age 18 I was writing full length novels and trying my hand at other endeavors such as short films and music.

I went to college, thinking that maybe television was a proper outlet for my creative needs, but
only found technical terms and rules that held me down once more. Of course that led to my inevitable failing once more, and disdain for my lack of effort.

I drifted from job to job, always becoming bored, always wanting to write more and more.

Finally I came across a friend who shared my supreme love of all things literature, Jillian Hewitt, my confidante, my collaborative partner, and my friend. She helped me see the potential in my writing and led me to reaching for easier goals to start out with.

Before long I was writing short stories like they were going out of fashion, and soon after I received my first publication; October Nigh was to be viewed by millions on the internet. Of course there was no money involved but I didn't care, I just wanted people to read and be entertained.

Soon after came Frosted Glass, a new take on the grim reaper, and now I have 3 more short stories I'm itching to get published as well.

This is were the introduction stops for now, life has caught up with me; I'm 26, and I'm finally handed a plate of possibilities.

This is where my new chapter begins, as the journey started many years ago, and I'd like you all to take the journey with me as I share my thoughts, my snippits and whatever else comes to mind along the way.

I suppose a writer can only talk about themselves in the fashion of a story; my life is a story, each new opportunity is a new chapter and a new adventure for me to take, and there really is no other way for me to describe it to you.

Enjoy my work, and keep up with me and I promise I will give you all I have to offer and more.

Thanks again,

James Bowler